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Not sure if you have a legal case?  Our Attorneys and Paralegals are here to review and assess your case for legal representation.  You’ll get the information you need to make a determination on pursuing your legal rights with your friendly and local legal counsel.

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Customer Reviews
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Matt V.
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November 29, 2019
"Very happy with the result of my case.  Ticketed for going 74 in a 60 and Daniel Vinson got the charge reduced to an improper equipment ticket (no points).  Cannot ask for better than t"
Jennifer Griffin
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November 12, 2019
"Mr. George Bruch was amazing handling my daughters case when a man assaulted her at her work and she fought back and ended up in court. He is an amazing lawyer - the man was found guilty of assualt an"
Ian Shelley
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November 07, 2019
"I was referred to George Baruch and could not be more grateful that he was my representation in a traffic court case. George was phenomenal from the first phone call we had, to moving my hearing to a "
Curtis knight
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November 05, 2019
"I truly thank God for jack Randall he is amazing lawyer he is really about his client being a winner in any case .Am glad he is in suffolk va am so glad our friend recommend him thank God for all they"
Caitlyn Terry (Virginia Beach)
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October 25, 2019
"George got my traffic case dismissed and got me first offender, so my other charge will be dismissed.  He took my case serious and didn't treat it like just another case for him.  Thanks."
Heather Casey (York County)
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October 24, 2019
"I got in an Accident in York County and was charged with following too close.  Mr. Bruch argued the law and evidence and got my case dismissed.  He knows the law, needless to say I am very h"
Cindy (Virginia Beach)
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October 17, 2019
"I had A reckless driving charge, 86 in a 45.  George Bruch got my ticket dismissed.  He defiantly knows what he's doing.  More than I had expected, thank you!"
Neil Ruggiero
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October 10, 2019
"They really helped me out of a reckless driving 83/70 mph charge.  It was reduced to a non-moving violation that carries zero points. (defective equipment).  I am glad I contacted RPRandall/"
Jeffrey (Franklin)
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October 07, 2019
"Mr. Bruch got my felony reduced to a misdemeanor with a small fine.  Thank you"
Tim (Virginia Beach)
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October 02, 2019
"I was in a crash and left, I immediatly called George.  He got me down to report the crash in time so I didn't get a Hit and Run charge.  They charged me with reckless driving and George too"
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