Bikes for Tykes

Randall Page

Attorney George (The Roadshow) Bruch participates in a fundraiser for Bikes for Tykes. Bikes for Tykes is a charitable event in which a local motorcycle social club, Boneshakers Social Club, raises money to by new bicycles which are gifted to children in need. In the first part of December 100 to 200 bikes will be purchase and gifted to those in need in the Hampton Roads area. Boneshakers Social Club provides bikes to individuals, church charity groups, military Navy Relief Society, CHKD, the HER shelter and other organizations that need support. We are Randall Page are proud that our attorneys take the personal time to help support the community. If you wish to donate to Bikes for Tykes go to the Boneshakers Social Club Facebook page and follow the links or send them a message.

What Our Clients are Saying
Aaron M. Pomeranz did an AWESOME Job! Thanks so much!