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A Guide to Criminal Defense in Western Tidewater

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Crime can be quite a common occurrence in cities across the country, including those in southeast Virginia such as Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Emporia, and more. With criminal activity inevitably comes those accused of partaking in criminal activities. These defendants may be falsely accused or find themselves in a situation that is completely misconstrued. This is the exact reason that Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. Law serves this community. Our firm seeks to help Virginians better understand their rights should they find themselves accused of a crime, while also providing professional Virginia criminal defense attorneys to the public.

Understand Your Basic Rights

Being accused of a crime is stressful and severely jeopardizes your rights as a citizen of the United States. Despite this, Virginians accused of a crime still have a slew of rights guaranteed to them under the U.S. Constitution to ensure that a free and unbiased trial occurs.

All citizens have the right to a trial before a jury of their peers. Those selected to serve on a jury should be impartial to the case and lack any ties to the opposing party. In some cases, defendants may waive their right to trial by jury and settle with the plaintiff or stand before a judge directly.

Another component to consider is the concept of assumed innocence before one is proven guilty. This means that you are not to be jailed or presupposed of any wrongdoing before being decided so by the court. There is additionally nothing that mandates that you must prove your innocence and the burden to prove the guilt of any kind rests on the plaintiff and their party. They must do so in a manner that reasonably leaves no room for the possibility of innocence.

Contact a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney is the first person you should contact after discovering that you are being accused of a crime. Lawyers are trained in law and specialize in defending you as they know the ins and outs of the justice system. You should, under no circumstances, consider representing yourself as every nuance down to motions and procedures of a trial are critical to the success of your defense – ultimately keeping you out of prison or paying hefty fines.

Your criminal defense lawyer will be able to explain the situation, unravel their plans to defend your innocence, work for your acquittal, and much more. In the case that you cannot afford an attorney, the state will provide one for you.

The Attorneys Best Equipped to Defend You

There are many intricacies present in the world of trials. This process can be incredibly daunting and threatening to the livelihoods and freedoms of the accused, as the threat of jail time or high financial burdens loom over their heads. Luckily, southeast Virginia has been afforded a highly skilled team of Virginia criminal defense attorneys to tackle many different kinds of cases. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime and is seeking legal assistance, please reach out to us by calling 757-517-8956 or filling out an online contact form.

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