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How To Hire The Right Criminal Defense Attorney In Virginia

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Unfortunately, you find yourself in a situation where you are facing criminal charges. You need an attorney – a criminal defense attorney. But how do you know which one of all the search results to click on? Probably open the ones that seem to most closely match the search you typed in. You will just have to decide that for yourself. After you click and get to an attorney’s website, what information should you look for that can help you decide if this particular attorney or law firm is the one you should work with?

As with any profession, there are criminal defense attorneys who are very good at what they do and there are those who just do what they need to and get by. At Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C., our Virginia criminal defense attorneys are dedicated professionals whose clients know the difference a good criminal defense attorney can make.

Do Your Research

The consequences of a criminal conviction – and even just going through the process of dealing with criminal charges – can be life interrupting and altering. You want to work with somebody who knows what they are doing and takes a genuine interest in you and your situation. As you narrow down the field of possible candidates, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Experience – Has the firm or attorney been in business for a while? How many years have they been handling cases similar to yours? Depending on the seriousness of the crime you are charged with, you want to make sure the person representing you has done this a lot.
  • Specialization – How many areas of law do the firm or attorney you are considering practice? Is criminal law a focus area or just one of the dozens of things a firm does?
  • Website content – What does the website say about the services you need? Do they provide content that is informative and easy to understand?
  • Flexible terms/easy to work with – Is there information about how the firm or attorney will want payment? Does it seem as though they would be willing to work with you if necessary?
  • Location – Are you going to have to make regular appearances in court? Does the firm or attorney you are considering have experience in your local court? Familiarity with the practices and procedures of a particular court is to your advantage.
  • Testimonials – What do previous clients have to say about the firm or attorney?
  • Social media profiles – Social media profiles and posts can provide a lot of clues about the character of a person. LinkedIn is a good place to start for attorneys.
  • Attorney referral services – Don’t rely on these exclusively. A lot of attorney referral services are pay play so just remember those stars may have been purchased rather than earned. That said, the Virginia State Bar will match you with an attorney in your area for $35 and that includes a 30-minute consultation.

Schedule a Free Consultation (or Two or Three)

Many attorneys now offer some type of a free visit to discuss your situation and see if working together would be a good fit. Take advantage of this. Even if you don’t end up working with a particular firm or attorney, you will get valuable information that can help you deal with your situation.

Don’t forget that you are basically conducting a job interview. Take the opportunity to evaluate the person or people you are talking with and make sure you are comfortable that your best interests are a priority and will be adequately represented.

Evaluate Your Options

You are trying to find a legal advocate you can trust your freedom to. That is not to be taken lightly. You want to work with someone who is accessible, communicates well, and keeps you in the loop so you never wonder what is going on. Hiring a criminal defense attorney may be one of the most important decisions you make because your future is riding in the balance.

The Virginia criminal defense lawyers at Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. have over 70 years combined experience defending criminal matters for clients in the Greater Hampton Roads, Western Tidewater, and surrounding areas. Our legal team understands that there is a lot at stake for you and we take your trust in our abilities very seriously. The goal is always to get each individual client the best possible outcome. We would be happy to meet with you, address your concerns and answer your questions. Contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or call our office at 757-517-8956.

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