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The Impact of a DUI on Your Driving Record

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For Virginia drivers guilty of driving under the influence, a single mistake can have long-term ramifications. In certain situations, a person will plead guilty even if they have done nothing wrong in order to avoid the harshest punishments that a DUI conviction might bring. However, it is critical to comprehend the implications of a DUI conviction in Virginia for your driving privileges and criminal record.

Our Virginia DUI defense attorneys at Randall, Page & Bruch P.C. can help defend your DUI conviction and possibly get it dismissed or significantly reduced. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Criminal Ramifications of a DUI Conviction in Virginia

Fines, probable jail time, and a driver’s license suspension are all criminal penalties for a drunk driving conviction. However, there are other long-term implications that can occur after you complete your criminal sentence. A DUI conviction will leave you with a criminal record, a blemish on your driving record, and a long-term influence on your insurance rates.

In Virginia, a DUI is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Anyone convicted of a DUI in Virginia will have their criminal record blacked out for the rest of their lives. There is no time limit on when a DUI conviction will be dismissed or when a driver’s DUI will be erased.

Can I Get a DUI Expunged in Virginia?

In most cases, you will be unable to have your DUI expunged from your driving record in Virginia. In most cases, you are only eligible for expungement if one of the following dispositions was recorded in your case:

  • Charges dismissed;
  • Acquittal (found not guilty); or
  • Charge nolle prosequi (the Commonwealth withdrew the charges).

The only method to keep a DUI off your criminal record is to avoid getting arrested in the first place. Typically, if you are criminally convicted of a DUI in Virginia, it will stay on your record permanently. Other states have different laws regarding expungement.

Can I Have My DUI Records Sealed?

When you have your record sealed, it will remain accessible to law enforcement agencies, but it will be inaccessible to others, such as employers conducting background checks. There will be no permanent erasure of the record.

If your case was dropped or dismissed in Virginia, you can have your arrest record or DUI conviction wiped or sealed. Because Virginia does not allow for the erasure of DUI convictions, an expungement is only possible to a person who is innocent or wrongfully charged.

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In Virginia, a drunk driving conviction will result in a permanent criminal record. However, just because you have been arrested for drunk driving does not imply you will be convicted. Avoiding a criminal conviction can save you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and the concern of having a permanent mark on your criminal record. Talking to an expert Virginia DUI defense attorney about your case is your greatest chance to avoid a DUI conviction.

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