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Impaired Truck Driver Causes Fatal Head-On Collision in Wise County, Virginia

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Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut down an Ohio-based truck driver after a fatal collision in Wise County, Virginia. The accident shines a light on impaired truck driving in the nation. Currently, urine testing is the standard method of drug testing by the Department of Transportation. However, many are noticing urine falls short of detecting habitual users.

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Truck Accident in Wise County, Virginia Kills Passenger, Seriously Injures Driver

An Ohio-based truck driver has caused a horrific scene on Route 23. The impaired driver drove nearly 2 miles before crashing head-on into an unsuspecting vehicle. The driver of the car was hospitalized with severe injuries. The passenger, however, was declared dead at the scene. 

The truck driver, Travis Lee Tolliver, was taken to the hospital and arrested. Tolliver refused to have his blood sampled for chemical analysis. Subsequently, he has been charged with;

  • Manslaughter under aggravated circumstances
  • Unlawfully and unreasonably refusing blood tests to determine how much alcohol and/or narcotics were in his system at the time of the accident
  • Driving under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol
  • Driving while intoxicated

After the charges were brought against Tolliver by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut the truck driver down. According to the FMCSA’s investigation;

  • Tolliver violated the imminent hazard order
  • Failed to keep records-of-duty-status
  • Drove more than the allowable hours on multiple occasions

If the investigation concludes Tolliver violated the provisions knowingly or willfully, he could face additional criminal charges. 

Despite Congressional Approval, The Department of Transportation is Failing to Adequately Drug Test Truck Drivers 

Habitual drug users have found many ways of passing urine tests. The most obvious is to stop using drugs a week before the test. For example,

  • Cocaine is only detectable in the first 3 days
  • Meth for a week
  • Adderall only 72 hours
  • Alcohol for up to 48 hours

With drugs leaving the system so fast, Congress passed the Fast Act 2015 to allow the DOT to start using hair follicle testing for greater accuracy. Hair testing allows a more complete drug analysis and can detect drugs used over a 90-day period. Congress passed the actin 2015, however, the DOT is still clinging to outdated and inaccurate methods. 

According to a peer-to-peer survey conducted by the Journal of Transportation Management, an estimated 275,000 truck drivers would fail the precise test. Is this the reason the DOT is dragging its feet? 

How safe do you feel on the road knowing the operator of that 80,000-pound big rig might be driving under the influence? 

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