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Protect Your Right to Remain Silent

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One of your most important constitutional rights is the right to remain silent. You have probably heard this statement on one of many crime shows including CSI or Law & Order. It’s part of a procedure known as the Miranda warnings, where the police are required to read a statement of certain rights you have prior to giving a statement. Unfortunately, many do not exercise their right to remain silent. As a result, those people are often convicted based solely on the confession – including innocent people who were later exonerated by DNA evidence after years of incarceration. This information has most recently been explained by Regent University School of Law Professor James Duane in a YouTube viral video, “Don’t Talk to the Police.” In this video, Suffolk lawyer Andrew Page shares some information about your right to remain silent. When law enforcement approaches you, you should refuse to speak without the presence of a lawyer. Now, this doesn’t mean you should be rude. On the contrary, you should politely and cooperatively decline to answer questions and request a lawyer be present. And don’t let the police intimidate you. You are only doing what they tell their family members to do if they are ever in trouble. Sometimes the police will tell you that things will work out better for you if you just tell the truth and give a statement. Don’t buy it unless they put it in writing – which they will never do. They can’t make promises to get you to give a statement. And just because you don’t give a statement then doesn’t mean that a statement shouldn’t be given later – but with an experienced attorney by your side, that can negotiate a benefit for you by giving a statement, rather than you giving a statement with nothing to gain. At Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C., your rights are important to us. We fight to protect your rights. If you need representation, you can reach Drew at our Suffolk Office at (757) 935-9065 or visit our website at www.randallpagelaw.com.

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