How Taking The Scenic Route To Randall Page, PC Fulfilled A Dream?

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Attorney Christopher Dunn is truly a modern Renaissance man. In a time when our youth is encouraged to set dreams aside and think practically, and schooling is considered merely a means to an end, Mr. Dunn’s journey to Randall Page, P.C. is inspiring.

From an eclectic educational background and a lifetime following his passions, Mr. Dunn is now proud to advocate on behalf of the residents of Chesapeake and the surrounding areas of Suffolk, Courtland, Emporia, and Lawrenceville.

The Scenic Route Looks Good for Christopher Dunn

Attorney Christopher Dunn is a Chesapeake native with strong ties to the community. His path to becoming a lawyer at one of the most respected personal injury and criminal defense firms in Virginia is worthy of note. As Mr. Dunn likes to say, he “took the scenic route.”

While first love was music, Mr. Dunn soon found inspiration for the law in the 1978 drama, The Paper Chase. As Mr. Dunn explains, “I had two main areas of interest that I loved at the time: music and law.” He began attending classes as a government major with intentions to go to law school. However, he found himself surprised by the amount of writing involved. TV shows often portray attorneys in pristine suits litigating on the courtroom floor. In reality, most duties involve writing.

After realizing becoming a lawyer wasn’t what he had envisioned, a chance encounter with an economics professor would lead to a new passion. Mr. Dunn switched majors and earned an economics degree from William & Mary. Then, an old love from high school would change his course once again. Finding his musical passion had never left, Mr. Dunn set his sights on East Carolina University to study music. With his second bachelor’s degree in hand, Mr. Dunn spent his career as a band director fulfilling his musical dream.

After retiring from the Chesapeake school system, Mr. Dunn decided to pursue a second career in law.

The Shield of Chesapeake

According to Christopher Dunn, “A lawyer can be a shield or a sword. I like being the shield.” After graduating from law school with honors, Attorney Dunn set out to make a difference in people’s lives. He began his law career at the Virginia Beach Public Defender’s Office, advocating for the best interests of his clients.

Mr. Dunn’s passion for defense led to recruitment by Randall Page, PC.

Randall Page, PC is a community-based practice that focuses its services on personal injury and criminal defense. With a long-standing reputation as trusted and experienced attorneys for Chesapeake and the surrounding areas, Randall Page, PC has provided superior representation in the areas of:

Where Mr. Dunn, the band teacher, could help 25 to 30 kids at a time, Attorney Dunn of Randall Page, PC can fight for the rights of 25-30 people a day.

The Practice is Where the Heart Is

Christopher Dunn is an exceptional attorney with an extensive and varied background. It is his mission to make a difference in the lives of his clients. In his words, “No one should ever go to court without an advocate…Going it alone and not having an advocate who knows the system and procedures can cost people dearly.”

Attorney Christopher Dunn is proud to provide his skills, knowledge, and passion for the law to help people avoid hardship and obtain justice.

If you or a loved one need a dedicated personal injury or defense attorney, contact Christopher Dunn at Randall Page, PC. To schedule a free consultation, click here or call 757-517-8956.

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