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The Future Most Talked About Month in Legal History

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June 2015 will be a month that legal scholars will talk about for years to come. On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States once again upheld provisions of the Affordable Care Act, known by most as Obamacare. If that were not enough, today the Supreme Court held that States cannot prevent same-sex couples from receiving state-issued marriage licenses. Both opinions are obviously highly-charged, political, and controversial. Dissenting opinions argue that the Court is going beyond the historical role of interpreting the law and are, instead, seeking to write the law based on their ideas of justice and fairness. There is certainly room to debate on both sides of the issues. But this is a great reminder of why our country is the best in the world. We all disagree at times, but with the balance of power the Constitution provides and the orderly transfer that occurs when political parties transfer power, our country maintains its strength without war or a ridiculously high amount of violence. America is great because we are given the power to disagree.

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