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What Should I Look for When Hiring a Lawyer?

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When someone finds him or herself in a legal matter for the first time, it can be a scary situation. Normally, the first step is figuring out who to hire to represent you in your case. But how do I know who to hire? What characteristics should I be looking for in an attorney? Many look to the lawyer who went to the “best schools,” or is considered the smartest lawyer. Many others look to the age of the attorney and how long they have been practicing, regardless of whether there is information that perhaps they don’t have the same fire and passion that they used to have. So what should you look for? Suffolk lawyer Andrew Page provides some tips in this three-part video series that you may want to consider when hiring a lawyer. The first characteristic you should look for when hiring a lawyer is “hunger.” This does not mean you should look for your lawyer at the local Chinese buffet. That’s not the type of hunger you need. You need a lawyer that is hungry to win. A lawyer that has an extra motor. A lawyer that doesn’t let things happen; but makes things happen. A hungry lawyer will always be stronger than a smarter lawyer. There are many lawyers who show up to work with no passion, no desire, and no drive.

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