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Not sure if you have a legal case?  Our Attorneys and Paralegals are here to review and assess your case for legal representation.  You’ll get the information you need to make a determination on pursuing your legal rights with your friendly and local legal counsel.

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Legal News
Randall Page teams up with FM99 to sponsor Public Service Announcements
We are proud to announce that we will be supporting the community while we remain open to serve your legal needs.
Should I Just Pay Off My Speeding Ticket? Not So Fast! (No Pun Intended)
Video by Drew Page
Caught in a Speed Trap: Do These Five Things Before Your Speeding Ticket Court Case
Video by Drew Page
Top 5 Guide to Car Accident
I’ve been in an automobile accident . . . NOW WHAT?
Our Family Supports Veterans!
Tractor Trailer Litigation. Got Drew?
Listen for Randall Page, P.C. on Real Country 101.7 Radio
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Remember when we were just a trailer?
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