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Driver Improvement Courses
Driver Improvement For
Traffic Offenses In Virginia

If you have a traffic offense in Virginia, sometimes the Judge will order you to complete a Driver Improvement Course. This comes in two options, an 8 hour course or a 12 hour course. The Judge will determine which course you must complete based on the evidence and facts involved in your specific case. Upon completion of both courses, you will have a certificate that should be mailed to you. Once you obtain that certificate we will need the ORIGINAL CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION. This is a requirement. The Court does not accept photos, screenshots, or copies of the record. At the time of your court date, the attorney will present the documents to the Court.

As a caution, it often takes a number of days for you to receive your driving school certificate of completion. As such, please allow enough time for you to receive the certificate and provide our office with the original.

If you chose to pick your own course, it is recommended that you call the Court in the county you received your ticket and verify that they accept the course of your choosing.

Driver Improvement Course (8 hour course)

If you are ordered to complete an 8 hour Driver Improvement Course, you can satisfy the driver improvement requirement in-person in a classroom or online. There are several courses available online. An example can be found at: Please make sure that you register for an eight (8) hour course, and that you select the Court Ordered option when you register. It may give you the option to have your certificate mailed to an address other than yours, if you would like, you can have it sent to one of our offices.

Please note, this course is an online course, but the final exam must be taken on a public computer. This course will provide you with a list of acceptable locations closest to you. If you would not like to choose this option and would like to choose your own, please visit

Reckless Aggressive Driver Education Program (12 hour course)

Typically, this course is ordered by the Judge when you have been charged with a high reckless speed or non DUI/DWI offense. We suggest This is a Florida based company that can be taken online. Just like the 8 hours course, we will need to be provided with the original certificate of completion.

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