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When the government accuses you of a crime, it can be a frightening experience for you. Even during a routine traffic stop, you have certain constitutional protections that the police must respect. The attorneys of Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. can ensure that your rights are protected and walk you through the legal process. Our attorneys are a trusted name in Western Tidewater and Southside Virginia to protect your rights.

We rely on all aspects of the law to fight for you and even use creative arguments to push to get a better result. Our attorneys know the stress that comes with being charged with a criminal offense, so we put our cell phone numbers on our business cards so you can get an immediate response in the event of an emergency.

Our Criminal Law Experience Includes

Why You Need A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

It is absolutely crucial for any person charged with or accused have a crime to seek assistance from an attorney immediately. At Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C., we understand that the aftermath of an arrest or an accusation of a crime can be confusing. However, we cannot overemphasize how important it is that you not speak to law enforcement officials or prosecutors before talking to an attorney. A Virginia criminal defense attorney will:

  • Use their resources to conduct a complete investigation into the situation. This includes obtaining and analyzing all evidence used by prosecutors or law enforcement while also conducting an independent investigation into the situation.
  • Handle all communication with every party involved, including law enforcement officials and prosecutors. This helps ensure that you do not say anything that could be used against you.
  • Work with prosecutors to discuss any possible plea deal, if one is warranted given the facts of the situation. A plea deal could be a way to get the charges against you reduced.

Importantly, a criminal defense attorney in Virginia will have a thorough understanding of the legal processes involved in these cases. The criminal court system can be intimidating and confusing, and it is crucial for those trying to fight criminal charges to have someone by their side who has no problem handling these cases.

We know that you may have the option to work with a public defender to help fight your misdemeanor or felony charges in Virginia. However, please understand that public defenders are incredibly overworked and may have trouble focusing their entire attention on your case. At Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C., our Virginia criminal defense attorneys will have no such problems. We focus on giving an individualized approach to every client that we work with, and our goal is to ensure that we received the best outcome possible on your behalf.

Penalties For Misdemeanors And Felonies In Virginia Can Be Severe

The penalties associated with misdemeanor and felony charges in Virginia can be severe if a person is found guilty. Most misdemeanor offenses carry possible jail sentences as well as major fines. Felony charges in Virginia typically result in time in state prison upon conviction as well as significant fines. Additionally, any person found guilty of a crime could face probation, community service, and restitution.

However, these are not the only penalties that we want our clients to consider. A misdemeanor or felony conviction will also result in various other penalties that could affect a person’s life. A conviction will show up on a person’s background check, and this could affect their ability to gain employment, attend school, or find adequate housing.

Wallet Cards

Print out these cards and keep them in your wallet so you will know what to do in the event you are pulled over or arrested. Hopefully, you will never have these issues, but if you do, it’s always good to know your rights!

Know & Protect Your Rights!What happens if I get arrested?

When the police arrest you on a warrant or summons you will be taken before a Magistrate for a Bond Hearing and to determine if you are the one who is being charged and if there is enough evidence to find probable cause to hold/arrest you.

What are the different Criminal Offenses and Classifications in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Criminal offenses that are punishable with death or confinement in the penitentiary are felonies; all other offenses are misdemeanors.
See the list of Felony and Misdemeanor Classifications

Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Case Results

Commonwealth V. Kew

Commonwealth V. Kew (2017)

Bench Trial Verdict of Not Guilty

The defendant was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. After the conclusion of the evidence, the Trial Court found the Defendant not guilty.

Commonwealth V. Duck

Commonwealth V. Duck (2016)

Bench Trial Verdict of Not Guilty
Attorney: Andrew R. Page

Defendants were charged with Class 4 Felony Child Neglect. No offers were made prior to trial. Andrew Page tried the case and at the conclusion of the evidence, the Defendants were found not guilty.

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