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The prospect of facing criminal charges can be terrifying, and this is especially true if your criminal case does not go your way. However, you do not simply have to accept an unfavorable outcome. The laws of Virginia allow for cases to be appealed. There is a very specific set of guidelines in place to help individuals appeal their criminal convictions. At Randall Page, P.C., our Virginia criminal defense lawyers are standing by to help clients in and around the Courtland, Suffolk, Emporia, and Lawrenceville areas. Let us get to work on your appeal today so we can help you get back to living your life.

Grounds for filing an appeal in Virginia

There are various grounds for filing appeals in the aftermath of a criminal case in Virginia. This can range from an argument that the jury was given incorrect instructions to claims that you had an ineffective lawyer on your case during the criminal trial.

However, in order for your case to be successfully appealed, there must have been some type of legal error, mistake, or problem with the way the criminal proceedings were conducted. The appellate court is not going to simply decide the facts of the case or apply their own reasoning to the decisions made by a jury. The appellate court is allowed to take action on certain bad decisions if they are shown to have affected your case.

  • There are no witnesses or evidence presented in the case of an appeal.
  • The strength of an appeal is determined based on arguments made by your attorney and the law you provide to back up these arguments.
  • The opposing side in the case will have a chance to express opposition to the appeal.

Appeals are incredibly complicated, and you need to properly identify every technical problem that occurred in your original criminal case. You will also have to make compelling arguments about why the appeals court needs to act.

It is crucial to work with a skilled Virginia appeals lawyer who has specific experience handling cases in your jurisdiction. When you work with an attorney who has handled appeals cases before, you maximize your chances of success during the legal proceedings.

There are specific processes in place in order for an appeal to be heard. An appellate judge will decide whether or not to grant the appeal. If the judge denies the appeal, an attorney can request that a “writ panel” of three judges review the decision. If any one of those judges agrees to the appeal, then the appeal will be granted. If a person is still not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, they will be allowed to appeal once again, but this time to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

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If you or a loved one need to appeal your criminal conviction, the time to act is now. At Randall Page, P.C., our appeals attorneys in Virginia understand the urgency of these cases. We have the resources necessary to handle every aspect of your case, regardless of whether or not our team was involved in your original trial. Let our appeals attorneys get to work today. If you need help with your appeal and you live in or around the Courtland, Suffolk, Emporia, or Lawrenceville areas, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or by calling 757-517-8956.

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