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Defending against a domestic assault and battery claim in Emporia, Virginia is rarely simple. A domestic assault allegation can raise many questions for all parties involved. And, if you are accused of domestic assault, you may need legal help to defend against the allegation.

Randall Page, P.C. is an Emporia law firm with attorneys on hand who possess over 70 years of experience. Our Emporia, Virginia, domestic assault lawyers devote the time, energy, and resources necessary to learn about your case. They can then help you craft a legal strategy, so you can make a strong argument against a domestic assault claim.

What type of punishment will I face if I am charged with domestic assault in Emporia, VA?

Those found guilty of domestic assault in Virginia can receive up to 12 months of jail time, along with a $2,500 fine. This charge applies to anyone who is convicted of domestic assault for the first time in Virginia.

The penalties for domestic assault in Virginia increase based on the number of times someone is convicted. For instance, consider the charges an individual can face if he or she is found guilty of domestic assault on three separate occasions in Virginia within a 20-year span. This individual can receive up to six months of jail time. He or she can be subject to a maximum of five years in prison, too.

If you are accused of domestic assault in Emporia, you are subject to Virginia laws. However, you will not be penalized for an alleged domestic assault right away. Rather, you can work with an Emporia domestic assault attorney to defend against an allegation.

The best Emporia domestic assault lawyer will do their part to help you reduce or eliminate your charge. This attorney is diligent and persistent in their day-to-day work. As such, the lawyer uses a wide range of domestic assault resources to help you build your defense.

Also, the top Emporia domestic assault attorney is compassionate and caring. The lawyer understands the damage a domestic assault allegation can cause for their client. So, the attorney remains accessible to their client. If there are concerns or questions as a domestic assault case gets underway, the lawyer can respond to them without delay.

Is it possible to clear my name of domestic assault in Emporia, Virginia?

An alleged Emporia domestic assault victim may try to drop their charge. Yet, the claim cannot be dismissed once it is formally filed with the court.

You cannot ignore an Emporia domestic assault allegation. But, you can build a case to try to prove you are innocent.

If you have an expert Emporia domestic assault lawyer at your side, you can work toward clearing your name. This lawyer can handle your case from start to finish. Along the way, the attorney will learn about all aspects of a domestic assault allegation against you. Then, he or she can craft an argument designed to help you win your case.

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