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Of all cases that involve assault, domestic violence is often extremely difficult for everyone to process. The accused faces criminal charges that are much more intense in comparison to basic assault offenses. One is forced to deal with the unrest in their personal life, face the consequences of a damaged relationship, and any other long-term repercussions that are associated with said charges. A Lawrenceville, Virginia domestic assault attorney from Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. Law can assist in your case.

Domestic Assault Laws

Across the country, domestic assault laws vary and are treated accordingly. In some instances, these cases hold the same weight as a regular assault crime with the accused facing similar penalties. Then in other situations, being accused of assaulting a family member will result in worse penalties.

The severity of domestic assault and violence penalties depends on the facts of the case and the jurisdiction in which the accused is charged. It isn’t uncommon for domestic charges to be also referred to as felonies. Having a felony means if convicted again, the accused will carry multiple years in prison. Other penalties that the accused can face include fines, anger management classes, counseling, and community service.

Many states will mandate that the defendant turn over any weapons they own. The accused is no longer permitted to lawfully possess a firearm.

A domestic assault charge in Lawrenceville, Virginia can be problematic for several reasons. First, the charge can stick with an individual for an extended period of time, regardless of its validity. In addition, those accused of domestic assault can cope with extreme stress and anxiety as they try to defend themselves. These individuals may even accept the charge, in their hopes to try to move forward with their lives. Yet, doing so can lead to jail time or a fine, among other legal consequences.

If you face a Lawrenceville domestic assault charge, partner with the attorneys at Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. Our experienced Lawrenceville, VA domestic assault lawyers will do everything in their power to help you get your charge reduced. They can help clear your name in your Lawrenceville domestic assault case, too.

How does a Lawrenceville, VA domestic assault attorney defend their client?

Any domestic case is usually one of the toughest to fight in court. If the evidence against the defendant is weak, prosecutors rarely drop the charges or cut the individual a break. It all relates back to district attorneys who are fearful of being viewed as “soft on domestic violence.” Attorneys have every right to be concerned because in the event the accused is let go and commits a crime later it would look reflect negatively on them. The mindset is to fight and lose rather than make a decision that is fair to the defendant based on evidence.

Once a domestic violence arrest is made, an order, known as the emergency protective order is issued until the defendant can go before a judge. This is Virginia’s way of ensuring the accused does not contact the victim. The EPO terms will vary on a case by case stance but usually forbids any contact.

Your opinion on the authenticity of the case is essentially irrelevant because the main point of focus is to not violate the terms of this order. If the accused defies the conditions he or she risks another immediate arrest plus additional criminal charges.

A Lawrenceville domestic assault attorney reviews the facts relating to their client’s case. Initially, the lawyer requests the police report and other information surrounding their client’s domestic assault charge. Then, the attorney formulates a defense.

Furthermore, a Lawrenceville domestic assault lawyer considers many questions as he or she builds their client’s defense. These include:

  • Are there any witnesses who can testify on behalf of their client?
  • Is there a 911 recording or police accounts that support or challenge a domestic assault claim?
  • What was their client’s emotional state when a domestic assault incident was reported?
  • What was the alleged domestic assault victim’s emotional state when the incident was reported?

A domestic assault attorney in Lawrenceville can determine the best course of action to defend their client based on all of the information at their disposal. In some instances, the lawyer can help their client establish a credible alibi to show he or she was not present at the time of an alleged domestic assault incident. Or, the lawyer may try to prove the incident was an accident.

No matter how your Lawrenceville domestic assault attorney crafts your argument, expect nothing but the best from him or her. Because, when you work with a domestic assault lawyer who puts their client front and center, you are well-equipped to combat any allegations.

How to choose the right Lawrenceville domestic assault lawyer?

Virginia domestic assault statutes can be tricky. The Commonwealth defines a domestic assault as an incident that involves a family or household member. It also states that domestic assault and battery in Virginia cause “reasonable” fear or put a victim in imminent harm.

An experienced Virginia domestic assault attorney knows the ins and outs of the Commonwealth’s domestic assault laws. The lawyer works within these laws, ensuring their clients can find ways to prove domestic assault allegations are false. As a result, attorney helps their clients achieve the best possible results.

Partner with the top domestic assault attorneys in Lawrenceville

There are plenty of options available if you are charged with domestic assault. Yes, the laws are designed to protect the victim, the accused also have rights. The most helpful piece of advice is to consult with a defense attorney who will help you understand your rights and options going forward.

The legal process is grueling, from plea bargains to dismissing charges take advantage of our attorney services at Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. Our experienced lawyers understand your local laws and what can be done to reduce the effects of the charges on your life.

At Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C., our Lawrenceville, Virginia domestic assault attorneys deliver extensive support. We are compassionate and empathetic to the needs of our clientele. And, we will do what we can to help you combat domestic assault allegations.

Our domestic assault lawyers are here to assist you. For more information or to request a free consultation, please contact us online or call us today at 757-517-8956. Call now to speak with a Lawrenceville, Virginia domestic assault attorney who can help you with a domestic violence accusation right now.

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