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You use a wide range of products on a daily basis. You trust that they are safe to use, after all, how would you be able to purchase a product that is not safe to use? Unfortunately, that is not always the case as some products can be defective. A defective or unsafe product can cause you serious injury and damage.

If you suffer an injury doing normal use of a product you may have a product liability claim. You will need to discuss the specifics of your case with a Virginia product liability attorney from Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. immediately. It is important to not throw the product away and to take pictures of everything if possible.

Types of Product Liability

There are three forms of product liability that your defective product can fall under. They are defective manufacturers, defective design, or inadequate warnings. A product that was manufactured with a defect is when the product was made with an error. This typically happens at the factory where the product was made.

Your particular product may be different from the others found in the same facility. When a product is designed with a defect this means the product was designed dangerously. This means that the entire product line is dangerous. This is independent of the product being manufactured correctly.

The third reason a product may be defective is if there are not adequate warning labels on the product. These cases focus on a product being dangerous and not providing enough warning or instructions for proper use.

Injuries Caused by Product Liability Cases

In any case of a defective product, it must be proven that an injury was directly caused by the defect. This means an injury must be caused because of the manufacturing defect, design defect, or warning failure, in order to file a claim. With so many products on the market, injuries vary drastically.

Your injury may be severe burns or cuts to the loss of limb or paralysis. Depending on how the product is used and what the defect is will determine the kind of injury you may sustain. If you are injured from a product, do not throw it away as you are destroying crucial evidence.

Who is Liable in a Product Liability Case?

Determining liability can be difficult as there are several parties that could be held liable. The first party will be the product manufacturer or parts manufacturer. The wholesaler or the company that assembles the product can also be held liable. In some cases, the store where the product was purchased can also be held liable. Determining liability is not in the hands of the victim but instead with your attorney.

How a Product Liability Attorney Can Help?

If you have been injured while using a product, seek medical attention, save the product and contact a Virginia product liability attorney. The attorneys at Randall, Page & Bruch, P.C. have experience handling cases just like yours. Do not hesitate to call us at 757-517-8956 or fill out our online contact form.

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