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Randal Page, PC. handles the legal aspects ensuring your right to possess, use, and enjoy your land and dwelling or business real estate investment.

We service the Western Tidewater area with Title and Escrow services through our joint ventures with Southeast Virginia Title Company.

Southeast Virginia Title Company handles the title insurance and closing details. For more information or to request a quote Visit their Website.

real estate sale attorney

A real estate sale attorney is required in the state of Virginia. At Randall Page, PC., we believe you deserve the best. Our exceptional attorneys have extensive experience in real estate law. We will protect your rights and interests in any real estate transaction, residential or commercial. Our skilled attorneys will help you navigate all the challenges and pitfalls that accompany buying or selling a property. When you need a Virginia real estate attorney, turn to Randal Page, PC., for all your real estate needs.

Virginia Title Attorney

One of the first obstacles to purchasing or selling real estate is securing your title. Virginia title law is very complex and can create significant delays in your real estate transaction. Our attorneys have the experience and skill to resolve your title issues in a timely manner. At Randall Page, PC., we can help you with;

  • Title searches and reviews; so that you are aware of any limits and allowances that will affect the sale
  • Liens and lien defense; so that your property is free and clear
  • Quiet title action; when you feel you have the rights to a property, but you do not have a clear title to the real estate

Our dedicated Virginia real estate title attorneys are here for you. Let Randall Page, PC., help you realize your real estate goals. Call today.

Virginia Real Estate Deeds Attorney

An essential part of real estate transactions is that the deed gives a precise and comprehensive description of the property. Deeds can be challenged. An important step to ensuring your property remains yours or that you have the right to sell is that the deed specifies all the property details accurately. A misspelling or an address mistake can expose you to unnecessary legal issues. Your deed must be in your physical possession after you purchase a property. Contact our real estate deeds attorneys to look after your interests in any real estate transactions.

Virginia Refinance Attorney

Refinancing your home, land, or commercial property is a big step. There are numerous benefits to refinancing. A skilled and experienced refinance attorney can help you negotiate the best possible interest rate and terms that will fit your needs. Once all parties are in agreement, your attorney will take the time to explain all the legal documents in plain language before you move forward and sign. Contracts often are riddled with legal jargon. Let our qualified refinance attorneys ensure your best interests are met before signing.

Virginia Real Estate Settlement Attorney

Real estate settlement, or the closing, is arguably the most important step in buying or selling property. You need a lawyer who can be a neutral overseer for the final contract signing and payment transactions. Buyers put their funds in escrow and get their keys, sellers and third parties get paid, and your real estate settlements attorney ensures the process is conducted smoothly. It is encouraged you have your own Virginia real estate attorney to look out for your interests during the process.

Contact Us if you are purchasing or considering a purchase of property or land for personal or business use in Suffolk, Southampton County, Emporia, Isle of Wight, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Franklin, Sussex, and Brunswick County.

Real Estate Services


  • Deed of Gift
  • Deed of Sale
  • Deed of Trust (deed preparation & recording)


  1. Purchase – Open File
  2. Communicate with buyer
  3. Lender (if loan)
  4. Realtor (if there is a realtor)
  5. Order title search
  6. Once title search comes back prepare title commitment and submits it to the lender
  7. Clear all title issues
  8. Prepare settlement statement / documents
  9. Receive lender settlement documents
  10. Proceed to settlement
  11. Record deed(s)
  12. Disburse funds
  13. Issue title policy


  1. Open File
  2. Communicate with borrower
  3. Lender
  4. Order title search
  5. Once title search comes back prepare title commitment and submit it to lender
  6. Clear all title issues
  7. Prepare settlement statement / documents
  8. Receive lender settlement documents
  9. Proceed to settlement
  10. Record deeds
  11. Disburse funds
  12. Issue title policy


  1. Open File
  2. Communicate with seller
  3. Realtor (if there is a realtor)
  4. Request title commitment from the buyer side
  5. Prepare deed
  6. Receive settlement documents from the buyer side
  7. Proceed to settlement
  8. Forward signed documents to the buyer side


  1. Order title search
  2. Prepare title commitment with requirements/ exceptions
  3. Clear title requirements
  4. Once file closes issue title policy (owner/ lender)

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