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SeVA Title Conpay LLC

Randall | Page handles the legal aspects ensuring your right to possess, use, and enjoy your land and dwelling or business real estate investment.

We service the Western Tidewater area with Title and Escrow services through our joint ventures with Southeast Virginia Title Company.

Southeast Virginia Title Company handles the title insurance and closing details. For more information or to request a quote Visit their Website.

Real Estate Closing Processor

Missy Coe, Real Estate Paralegal

Missy Coe handles all the Real Estate related documents and scheduling complete, efficient, and on-time closing of your real estate investment. In addition to managing Southeast Virginia Title Company (SEVA Title), Missy also works under Randall | Page where she handles escrow and closings for the firm.  The structured relationship between Randall | Page and SEVA Title affords the firm the continued opportunity to leverage her skills as detail-oriented real estate processor.

Contact us if you are purchasing or considering a purchase of property or land for personal or business use in Suffolk, Southampton County, Emporia, Isle of Wight, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Franklin, Sussex, and Brunswick County.

Missy Coe

Real Estate Services


  • Deed of Gift
  • Deed of Sale
  • Deed of Trust (deed preparation & recording)


  1. Purchase – Open File
  2. Communicate with buyer
  3. Lender (if loan)
  4. Realtor (if there is a realtor)
  5. Order title search
  6. Once title search comes back prepare title commitment and submits it to the lender
  7. Clear all title issues
  8. Prepare settlement statement / documents
  9. Receive lender settlement documents
  10. Proceed to settlement
  11. Record deed(s)
  12. Disburse funds
  13. Issue title policy


  1. Open File
  2. Communicate with borrower
  3. Lender
  4. Order title search
  5. Once title search comes back prepare title commitment and submit it to lender
  6. Clear all title issues
  7. Prepare settlement statement / documents
  8. Receive lender settlement documents
  9. Proceed to settlement
  10. Record deeds
  11. Disburse funds
  12. Issue title policy


  1. Open File
  2. Communicate with seller
  3. Realtor (if there is a realtor)
  4. Request title commitment from the buyer side
  5. Prepare deed
  6. Receive settlement documents from the buyer side
  7. Proceed to settlement
  8. Forward signed documents to the buyer side


  1. Order title search
  2. Prepare title commitment with requirements/ exceptions
  3. Clear title requirements
  4. Once file closes issue title policy (owner/ lender)

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