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When you are ready to make your home buying dreams come true, or if you are prepared to say goodbye and move on to a new chapter with a new home, the Virginia real estate settlement attorneys at Randall Page, PC., are here.

What is a Real Estate Settlement?

After the lengthy process of putting your home up for sale or finally finding the home of your dreams, all parties come together to finalize the sale. For the seller, the settlement means contracts and documents are signed, and payment is made. For the buyer, this is an especially exciting time. Buyers put their funds in escrow and get the keys to their new home. Everyone comes together to sign the closing documents and walks away with what they negotiated. Third parties, like real estate wholesalers, are also paid at closing. A Virginia real estate settlement attorney oversees and ensures everything goes smoothly.

Settlement attorneys are neutral. They are charged with making sure all parties are in compliance with Virginia state law. Typically, the buyer chooses the settlement attorney. When you take into consideration that purchasing a home is one of the most significant transactions you will ever make, it is also a good idea to have a non-neutral attorney look for your best interests. Randall Page, PC real estate attorneys in Virginia, will have your sole interest in mind at closing.

What Will Our Real Estate Settlement Attorneys Do?

Real estate settlement lawyers have responsibilities that are essential to all parties involved in the closing of a sale.

  • They must prepare and record the deed, deed of trust, or mortgage
  • Order title insurance
  • Distribute funds accordingly. This can become complicated the more third parties are involved
  • Follow the directions given by the real estate contract for sale
  • Follow the lender’s loan closing instructions
  • Pay off seller’s existing mortgage
  • Conduct a title search and clearing the title
  • Make sure everything is in compliance with Virginia state law and federal law

Our Real Estate Attorneys Are Here for You

Closing a home is an exciting and nerve-racking process. If you find yourself overwhelmed with questions, understand this is typical with any sale.

  • Will you buy new furniture?
  • Will you redecorate?
  • Are you downsizing and need to put some things in storage?
  • Are you moving into a bigger house and need to fill it with accent pieces?
  • Will you need patio furniture?
  • What are your landscaping goals? Do you want a garden?
  • Will you need to switch schools, or can the children finish out this year?
  • Where is the bus stop?

The list of obligations and choices may seem infinite. Just when you want to focus on the necessities of moving, the most important information you need to finalize the transaction will come. At Randall Page, PC, our dedicated settlement attorneys in Virginia will help you navigate the closing process so you can focus on the next chapter in your life. Please, contact us by clicking here or by calling 757-517-8956.

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